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Looking for an Australian Shepherd?

We breed Australian Shepherds with the best temperaments & the cleanest genetic panels we can find.

Our mission at Rockstarz Aussies is to produce the healthiest Australian Shepherds possible with the best temperament, who will be a welcome addition into your home and a companion for life.

Australian Shepherd Dogs Rocky & Robb

how we Raise our Puppies


The Bond

We whelp and raise our puppies inside our home as members of the family to build the foundation of the bond between the dogs and people.


The Right puppy

We closely monitor each puppy’s personality so we can match the right puppy with your individual needs and lifestyle.



We handle our puppies daily so they welcome human contact instead of fearing it

Our Breeding Standards



We breed versatile Aussies who can do anything from the conformation ring to performance activities such as herding, obedience, agility, lure coursing, and rally.


Genetic Testing

We limit the risk of genetic defects by using the most advanced genetic testing available.


Dog Selection

We cross only the best dogs and bitches we have available to produce Australian Shepherd puppies as close as possible to the breed standard.

we are Passionate

We strive to educate all of our potential puppy homes about the personality and needs of the Australian Shepherd breed, and to answer any questions you have before you welcome your new member of your family.

Our puppies get the best food available after they are weaned for proper nutrition.

We ensure our puppies get plenty of exercise every day for proper development.

We socialize them with both adults and children so they are exposed to many different situations.

Our Breeding Standards Produce Top-notch Dogs

Meet Robb

GCH CH Lk Michigan’s King in the North
(Rocky x Holly)

Robb winning Select Dog, USASA Specialty 2021, from an outstanding lineup of 100 Aussies. Presented by Hayden Hadley.

Meet Skye

AKC Pointed Rockstarz I Can Only Imagine Aspired by Bayouland
(Rocky x River)

Skye showed like a champ and was awarded Winners Bitch against a great lineup by judge Carolyn Herbel in Union Grove, WI. 

Devin Showing Sky the Australian Shepherd